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Leanne is an inspirational and motivational yoga teacher. She has been practicing for over a decade and teaching for over 7 years. But lets rewind for a minute.

Have you ever wondered if you were good enough, strong enough, able, willing or worthy? Have you ever questioned your daily life and felt unfulfilled? For a few years, before finding yoga, Leanne experienced this. In college she practiced once in a while, while studying business at the University of Maine in Orono. Upon graduation though in 2007, the economy went into a slum and Leanne decided to go on what she thought was going to be a short adventure to Colorado to be a ski bum for six months. Little did she know, she would meet her future husband, Roger, at a concert and her world would be forever changed. After a year of dating, Roger proposed and Leanne whole heartedly said Yes! Together they have a 3  year old daughter Lyla. The rest is history. 

About a year into married life, Leanne found an amazing yoga studio next door to her current job as a restaurant manager. She enjoyed practicing a few times a week. Eventually the studio did a 30 day challenge. Leanne signed up for it and completed 30 classes in 30 days, and she won the grand prize- 3 months of free yoga!! This changed her life. She began practicing every single day and every time she stepped on her mat she began to connect to her truest most authentic self. Not only did she recognize the physical benefits of toned arms, (which she hadn't had since she quit gymnastics at 17), but it was the mental clarity she discovered that really got her hooked. She began to recognize how she truly came alive on her yoga mat. There was no judgment, no comparison, no wondering if she was good enough. Just acceptance for everything exactly as it is. Eventually in 2015, her and one of her closest friends made there commitment to do there first 200 hour teacher training with CorePower Yoga in Denver, Colorado with the amazing Kathryn Smith and Reace Daniels. During her teacher training, Roger got a job offer in Bend, Oregon, so they decided to continue west. Arriving in Bend, knowing no-one besides each other, Leanne was determined to teach yoga. She got hired at Groove Yoga and has been teaching there since she moved. She also teaches at Free Spirit Bend. But she will forever be a student as one of the yoga sutras is svadhyaya which means self study. That is one of the greatest things about yoga is there is always more to learn. Leanne has taken classes with Seane Corne, Rachel Brathen, Shiva Rae and Sienna Sherman. She usually teaches an empowering vinyasa style class, but also leads a compassionate yin class, in addition to a playful kids or family class. You can book her for your next event or special occasion. Her soothing voice will calm you down and keep you grounded. Her motivation and dedication will keep you committed and wanting more. 

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About Me: Homepage_about
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